Mirror Cover

NoviStretch Universal Mirror Cover

  • Fits all C5, C6 and C7 Coupe and Convertable Corvettes
  • Patent Pending Desgin 100% Manufactured in USA
  • 12 - Month Limited Warranty

PROTECTIVE: Durable, breathable, quality material protects painted surface from common daiy ear without damaging clear-coat paint finish.

TIGHT FIT: Stretchable fabric allows for a tight, secure, contoured fit around front bumber.

COMPACT SIZE AND WASHABLE: Unique material and design allows for easy cleaning, quick drying and compact storage when not in use.

EASY INSTALLATION AND REMOVAL : With No required hardware the NoviStretch Mirror Cover is designed for quick and easy installation and removal of the mask with no cutting, drilling or alteration to the vehicle required by simply sliding over the mirror housing and adjusting by hand for optimum fit.

Mirror Cover
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  • Item #: C5/C6/C7-MC
  • Manufacturer: Novistretch
  • Condition: New
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Price $49.00